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About Us

Welcome to Santa Monica Polo Club. The home of luxury, sport-inspired apparel, accessories and footwear

The brand was born from true sporting heritage and through the passion and adventure of horse polo. The game, has a rich heritage and has been played internationally for centuries and is also known as the 'Sport of kings'.

Santa Monica Polo Club takes inspiration from the past, fused with the casual, relaxed Southern Californian lifestyle and the added dimension and fun of competitive sport to establish ourselves as a leading Menswear luxury sporting brand combined with current street-wear trends.

Today, the brand stays true to our polo roots and still demonstrates an exciting modern twist on the old, offering contemporary ranges with a nod to our unique sporting heritage. We often re-invent and rework classic and iconic styles to create fresh and innovative ranges. 

Our current ranges are all encompassing, including luxury jackets and coats, on trend sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers, classic accessories, statement footwear and of course, sport inspired polos. The look is authentic, with trend driven detailing that stays true to its legacy.
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